W.A.V.E. Youth Action Teams is a youth-led initiative that recognizes the call to ending community violence. Working in collaboration with the Louise Russo charity, the team will identify the prevalent issue. Create an interactive workshop that will educate and equip other students. The goal being to give ambassadors the tools and strategies to empower others to address the issues that are important for them.

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Our W.A.V.E. Empowering Youth Day, now in its 11th year, is the Good Works portion of our charitable organization and a celebration as we honour youth, who have ‘Made a Difference’ in their schools and communities, with a Louise Russo Youth or Leadership Award.

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Youth Application Deadline: March 16, 2018.

The Louise Russo Youth Awards recognize youth that exemplify the 3R’s – Respect, Responsibility and the Role of leadership through initiatives that reduce violence in their communities. The Award celebrates and honours the qualities that are important in making our communities a safe place to live, learn and play.

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  • W.A.V.E Empowering Youth Day 2018


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  • 2017 Youth & Leadership Awards

    2017 Youth & Leadership Awards

    Taboo Teens Talk- Lauren Marron and Chiara Picao
    This growing mentorship initiative links adults with young students by creating a safe place to come together. Lauren and Chiara are leaders of this creative program which also encourages teens to share their stories, find support and solutions. Bound to continue growing, WAVE is proud to help build on their success and look forward to hearing great things. Congratulations!

    Dario Ekokobe from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts High School-Toronto
    Having endured his own family struggles this young man is truly amazing. Whether he is caring over young children while their single parent does homework or for parents with special needs children at a church or helping serve food at a men’s shelter Dario is always ready to give back. Also a Youth Advisory Committee member for the RCMP, Dario is WAVE’s youngest Youth Award Winner. Fantastic work! More Details

  • 2016 Youth & Leadership Awards


    Tools With Impact (Ottawa, ON)
    Tools With Impact is this year’s top ranking winner and with every reason. From Ottawa, this organization was founded with the mission to supporting villages in Mozambique with tools to build and repair homes and schools. Expanded to 12 branches with over 375 members, Tools With Impact is on track to provide over $40,000 worth of school supplies to students overseas by the end of this year.
    Congratulations, to one of its leader, Zach Graves, and his team for incredible work!

    JAIDYN McCARTY (Saint John’s, NB)
    This WAVE winner is from Saint John’s NB. A busy young lady Jaidyn is a Beyond The Hurt Anti-Bullying Facilitator, a volunteer teacher’s assistant, VP of Human Resources at her Junior Achievement chapter and an active Girl Guide volunteer amongst her long list of making a difference. Described to have making a marked contribution to the life and spirit in her school and community Jaidyn also maintains high honours academic standing. Congratulations Jaidyn, keep up your fantastic work. More Details

April 2004 violence stopped being a word and became A CAUSE

wave performers


Musical Performers


We are excited to announce a vibrant duo that will be performing at our upcoming W.A.V.E. Empowering Youth Day, on May 3rd, 2016. HighDiamond is a Canadian sister pop duo – Catina and Angela Duscio who were born and raised in Kitchener Ontario. More

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Jahmeelah (Jam) Gamble

Jahmeelah (Jam) Gamble is one of Toronto’s gifted leaders who pushes the envelope and encourages everyone to cultivate their own inner light and abilities. The multi-passionate Educator, Advocate and Media Personality is on a mission to provide a voice for all. More