June 5

Posted by: Louise Russo

2017 Youth & Leadership Awards

Taboo Teens Talk- Lauren Marron and Chiara Picao
This growing mentorship initiative links adults with young students by creating a safe place to come together. Lauren and Chiara are leaders of this creative program which also encourages teens to share their stories, find support and solutions. Bound to continue growing, WAVE is proud to help build on their success and look forward to hearing great things. Congratulations!

Dario Ekokobe from Rosedale Heights School of the Arts High School-Toronto
Having endured his own family struggles this young man is truly amazing. Whether he is caring over young children while their single parent does homework or for parents with special needs children at a church or helping serve food at a men’s shelter Dario is always ready to give back. Also a Youth Advisory Committee member for the RCMP, Dario is WAVE’s youngest Youth Award Winner. Fantastic work!

Erum Hasan from Sir Wilfrid Laurier C.I.-Toronto
A true leader Erum is very active both inside and outside of school engaging in empowering programs. She trains conflict resolution skills to younger students and helps residents revitalize often troubled neighbourhood by planning events to bring people together. She also assisted in the development of a toolkit to prevent and intervene in cyberbullying. Congratulations Erum, keep up your fantastic work.

These young leaders from the BLESSED ARCHBISHOP ROMERO LEADERSHIP GROUP earns top marks for their unique and inspiring approach to mentoring new students. Using the theme of empathy these students hold activities such as “walk a mile in my shoes” to promote a safe, welcoming environment, Topped by the creation of a cyber bullying video for all students to view, this Leadership group is a great representation of WAVE’s 3 R’s!

CHARLOTTE MARRON from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts-Toronto
Our junior leadership winner has already accomplished many great things. Whether it’s her Girldayz platform, her past volunteering with young children or helping build prosthetic hands for war wounded people in Africa, Charlotte easily impressed judges for such a young student. We are just seeing the beginning of what this wonderful young lady is capable of. Keep it up Charlotte!

Sarah Kathiresan, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School-St. Catharines
A feature that most impressed W.A.V.E. judges was Sarah’s lengthy commitment to volunteering and community involvement with almost 1200 hours already accumulated. Organizing and running a Back to School Program which gives supplies to over 1000 young students is one of her amazing accomplishments. Incredible loyalty and dedication to multiple organizations, this young winner is deserving of a 2017 W.A.V.E. leadership award. Congratulations Sarah!

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