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A few weeks ago I noticed the work being done by W.A.V.E. The title itself was captivating since it read “Working Against Violence Everyday.” I knew that this organization would be something I could relate to, especially since I have a personal familiarity with this topic.

As a child, I was victim to bullying and violence in school.

To combat this, I used to make sure I was around positive people that would show me how to counter this act. I learned that patience is one of the many things that one can use to deal with these enemies. Later on to develop my character, both physically and mentally, I joined martial arts.

This was a good initiative for self-defence, but the root of the problem was never addressed. Now, two years later, I’m faced with an opportunity to fight against these enemies once again. Realizing that bullying still loomed over our schools gave me more incentive to join the cause. This time awareness is a stronger force; stronger than physical force and stronger than patience.

Raising awareness is important because it allows people to understand the depth of an issue. Bullies are more likely to ride off when they start attracting negative attention. The problem lies within a lack of understanding. Informing and education others about youth violence will allow us to create communities free of anger and discrimination. To end the means of violence is to break barriers within.
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