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Youth Awards

The Louise Russo Youth Awards recognize youth that exemplify the 3R’s – Respect, Responsibility and the Role of leadership through initiatives that reduce violence in their communities. The Award celebrates and honours the qualities that are important in making our communities a safe place to live, learn and play.
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W.A.V.E. Empowering Youth Day

Our W.A.V.E. Empowering Youth Day, now in its 7th year, is the Good Works portion of our charitable organization and a celebration as we honour youth, who have ‘Made a Difference’ in their schools and communities, with a Louise Russo Youth or Leadership Award. These individuals took the initiative to organize direct outreach and networking activities that focused on the 3R’s – Respect, Responsibility and the Role of leadership, to create a safer place to live, learn and play.

The day’s activities culminate with some exceptional young people receiving five (5) Louise Russo Youth Awards (individuals or teams) and three (3) Leadership Awards, attended by their peers, teachers and corporate sponsors. To date we have recognized (66) Youth and Leadership Awards in the form of a bursary towards the student’s education or program initiative

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W.A.V.E. Youth Action Teams is a youth-led initiative that recognizes the call to ending community violence. Working in collaboration with the Louise Russo charity, the team will identify the prevalent issue. Create an interactive workshop that will educate and equip other students. The goal being to give ambassadors the tools and strategies to empower others to address the issues that are important for them.

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